• Ruth Pallek

This Is My Rant

We stand together.

Arms entwined.

Like chain link fence.

With one mind.

With one purpose

With one hope.

We declare our strength.


With hearts aflame, unity

calls for freedom and words

that need to be said,

call across miles of prairie

and mountain sands.

Hands joined together

ride the waves of passion

and silence is not in our future

for this day.

We will not be muzzled

by wrong ideas poured from

vessels of lies.

We believe in goodness.

We stand for truth.

We stand for hope.

We walk in wisdom with those...

resolute for freedom.

We fight for children and

the helpless who cannot speak.

Because... Love can melt

the hardest hearts of stone

and hearts of flesh

can feel again

when repentance moves in.

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